The Complete SAS Survival Manual by Barry Davies, BEM

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En av de bästa böcker som skrivits inom området. Då den är på engelska så kommer även beskrivningen på engelska.

Stay alive in any situation with "The Complete SAS Survival Manual", a book by Barry Davies, BEM. Davies spent 18 years in the British Special Air Service and shares life-saving tips on everything from first aid and navigation to acquiring necessities like food, water and shelter.

In life-threatening circumstances, Davies emphasizes that the main problem is often not the equipment, but the lack of will to do something about the situation. Ideal for military personnel and civilians alike, "The Complete SAS Survival Manual" also teaches readers how to avoid capture and, if necessary, escape and get rescued.

This easy-to-understand survival guide features over 350 full-color illustrations and includes self-defense tactics. 272 pages. 

Learn how to survive life-threatening situations
Tips on first aid and navigation
Evading and escaping capture
Over 350 full-color illustrations
Self-defense tactics
Written by a former member of the British Special Air Service

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