Harrington & Richardson Ultra Slug Hunter 12 gauge

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Harrington & Richardson-Ultra Slug Hunter. När Du önskar precision med slug och sabots även på långa håll.

Kraftigare än så här blir det knappt. Pipan på denna är ruggigt fin och
stabil och med en ytterdiameter på 27 mm så slår den det mesta. Svårt att
förstå att de kan vara så låga i pris. Ett mycket rejält vapen.

Piplängden är 61 cm
Monte Carlo Kolv
Kaliber 12/76- Slugs och Sabots-Räffad pipa
Vikt: Ca 4,2 kg.


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Maximize your distance and accuracy.

At H&R, we offer a broad range of tack-driving rifled slug guns that can cost less than an accessory slug barrel for many repeaters. They’re unfailingly dependable, easy to carry and exceptionally accurate out to the farthest reaches of shotgun range. Our single-shot action’s strong lockup and stout build creates an inherently precise platform. But another major contributor to their ultra-tight grouping capability is the Ultragon™ Rifling. It uses six oval lands and grooves without sharp corners like traditional rifling. This system imparts stabilizing spin on your slug without distorting the sabot jacket or exterior of your slug, leading to a better gas seal, higher velocities and more consistent flight characteristics. No nonsense. Just pure deer-dropping performance.

Ultra Slug Hunter
A true tack-driver, this shotgun has a 24" fully rifled Ultragon barrel crafted of heavy steel. This barrel design promotes more consistent harmonics and better long-range accuracy with today’s high-velocity slug loads. It has a walnut-stained American hardwood stock with a Monte Carlo comb that promotes rapid alignment with your crosshairs. Choose from 12- and 20-gauge versions. Scope mounts are included. And the 12-gauge model is available with a factory-mounted and bore-sighted 3-9X scope. Compact 20 gauge has a 22" barrel. Our Deluxe version has the added weather resistance and distinctive looks of a laminated stock.

Stock: Walnut stained American hardwood Monte Carlo pistol grip stock, sling swivels, nylon sling.
Barrel: 24" heavy rifled barrel
Chamber: Up to 3"
Sights: Drilled and tapped for scope mount rail.
Length: 40"
Length of Pull: 14-1/4"
Drop at Comb: 1-1/4"
Drop at Heel: 1-1/8"
Weight: 8-9 lbs.



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