Justerbar buffervikt. H1-H3. DB15 Justerbar buffervikt. H1-H3. DB15


Justerbar buffervikt. H1-H3. DB15

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Inkommer under mitten av December

Riktigt smart för dig som vill testa och experimentera, för att få fram den optimala vikten för olika laddningar och exempelvis ljuddämpare.

Developed to suit the needs of a performance-based shooter, the Strike Industries Optimus Weight Buffer provides rapid modular customization that can be performed by the user. Changing out the buffer is one of the most direct upgrades to the AR platform, the Optimus WB comes with standard H1-H3 weight distribution, or it can be adjusted to the specific weight needs of the shooter. The Optimus WB will increase the reliability, accuracy, and performance of the AR shooting platform. Made from durable 7075 Aluminum the Outer Body houses all the weights secure and snug with the help of specialized rubber spacers that will help reduce inner impact of recoil. Keeping the different internal material cylinders in tip-top condition.

Product Features:
- Rapid take down and configuration
- Durable 7075 aluminum construction
- O-ring to keep the buffer head from walking out
- Standard/ H1/ H2/ H3 weight configuration or user needs
- Optimal size and weight for increased reliability, accuracy and performance for AR-15 platform.
- Numerous weight configuration for more accurate setting (used for multiple calibers, gas system, suppressed, rapid fire, and etc)

Package Includes:
-x1 Buffer Head (Impact side) 7075 Aluminum
-x1 Buffer Main Body 7075 Aluminum with TPU End Cap
-x2 Tungsten Weights  
-x2 S45 Steel Weights
-x2 6061 Aluminum Weights
-x3 POM Weights
-S45 Steel Roll Pin
-x6 Rubber Spacer
-x1 O-Ring

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