Luth-AR AR-15 Skeleton Kolv

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The Luth-AR Buttsock Assemblies fit all AR-15 & 308 style rifles.  These stocks easily replace exissting A2 or A1 stock assemblies, and attach to a rifle length buffer extension tube. Cheek rest allows for an extra 1" of height and the rear allows for 1-1/16" of length of pull adjustment.  Total weight of the MBA is 1.26 lbs, while the Skeleton Stock weighs in at 0.7 lbs.  Both stocks are constructed from glass filled nylon, for superior durability.  Overall length for each stock is 10-3/8" and the MBA can extend out to 11.5".  Uncle Mike's QD Sockets (593-000-038) can be epoxied into socket on the side of each stock.

Drift & produktion:  Wikinggruppen