Vattensensor 9-12 Volt-Detektor

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​Kan beställas och inkommer om ca veckor

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Technical Data
Operating voltage
9 V/DC voltage are ideal (max. 12 V/DC), (please do only employ a stabilised power supply)
Current consumption
"Ready" < 10 mA. In case of contact with water when the relay picks up < 90 mA each with 9 V/DC
LED displays
1 LED for the indication of readiness “POWER”, 1 LED for the indication “ON”, if the relay switches on
via free cables
Approved cable length towards the water sensors
max. 5 m with normal cable, max. 100 m with shielded cable, if the shielding braid is connected with the negative pole of the distribution voltage
sealing case approx. 60 x 45 x 20 mm (without fastening straps

Drift & produktion:  Wikinggruppen