Replika Västernrevolver-COLT NAVY 1851 Replika Västernrevolver-COLT NAVY 1851


Replika Västernrevolver-COLT NAVY 1851

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​Kan beställas och inkommer om ca veckor

Denna fantastiska revolver är en replika av COLT NAVY 1851 och har fungerande trumma och mekanism. Nipplarna har samma diameter som original och det fungerar att använda knallskotten från 8 ringars respektive 12 ringars knallammo.

En mycket vacker och välgjord revolver.

Kolser's replica of the Colt Navy .36 caliber revolver from 1851 reproduces Samuel Colt's pistol that remained in production until 1873. Made of metal with wood grips, this replica features a functional three-position mechanism and a six-chamber cylinder and it has been adapted for caps.

Previously known as the Colt Belt Revolving Pistol, it was the preferred revolver of notable individuals and the majority of rangers before the Civil War.

Available in various high-quality finishes such as aged blackened brass or weathered metal, achieved through special metal treatments, this replica becomes an authentic historical piece.

Kolser's Colt Navy replica mirrors the dimensions of the authentic gun, ensuring a faithful reproduction, while its weight closely matches that of the original the 1851 model.

The Kolser brand has gained recognition in the arms reproduction market for its exceptional commitment to superior quality and the remarkable realism of its replicas. This is achieved through meticulous piece-by-piece design and a meticulous manual assembly process, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail.

Drift & produktion:  Wikinggruppen