725 grain Subsonickula för bl.a. 50 Mayhem & 50 BMG

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​Kan beställas och inkommer om ca veckor

Subsonickula för den svenska klass 1 kalibern 50 Mayhem samt för bl.a. 50 BMG.

Det blir ej effektivare än så här. 

Vikt: 725 grain
Antal: 20 st

Lehigh Defence originated Controlled Fracturing Technology.  These bullets are designed to deliver maximum terminal performance.  Controlled Fracturing bullets are produced from either solid copper or solid brass and are pre-stressed at specific points so that after a predetermined penetration depth, the razor-edge petals deploy, releasing an energy spike and then separate and radiate outward from the primary path of the bullet.  The bullet shank, now back to bore diameter, continues penetrating straight and deep along the initial impact path.

A minimum of four separate wound channels resulting in extensive damage

CNC machined from solid copper or brass, not formed or swaged

Exceptional accuracy from the advanced manufacturing process

Razor sharp petals for maximum terminal performance

Deep penetrating base projectile

Expansion is initiated by hydraulic energy – expansion only where it is required


Drift & produktion:  Wikinggruppen