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Spännande laddmanual från Berger var kulor börjar komma mer och mer i Sverige.

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Product Information
The Berger ”Reloading Manual 1st Edition contains a wealth of information from some of most well-known names in the firearms industry. This manual has been a long time in the making and includes: load data covering 556 pages for 71 different cartridges, a wide variety of topics ranging from Handloading Basics to the difference between G1 and G7 Ballistic Coefficients and a biography on Walt Berger. One of the unique features of this manual is that Berger only lists powders that provide an approximate fill ratio of above 90%. This ratio is important in finding loads that produce the most accurate loads possible. There is something in this manual for every type of reloader from the most well-seasoned veteran looking for highly technical information, to the beginning reloader just cutting his teeth looking for the basics. This manual will be a great addition to any reloading bench and is perfect manual for reloaders using Berger Bullets.

Technical Information

Pages: 829 pages
Edition: 1st Edition
Cover: Hard Cover
Publisher: Berger Bullets
Published: 2012
Author: Eric Stecker, Walt Berger, Bryan Litz, John Barsness, and other highly regarded names in the shooting and reloading industry

•The Story of Walt Berger
•Berger Bullet Products
•Basic Reloading Safety
•Powder - Lot to Lot Variation
•QuickLOAD Software
•Handloading Components
•Smokeless Powder Burn Rates
•Handloading Basics
•Basic Statistics for Handloading
•Effect of Cartridge Over All Length and Cartridge Base to Ogive
•G1 vs. G7 Ballistic Coefficients
•Form Factors: A Useful Analysis Tool
•Shooting Forums
•Introduction to Rifle Shooting Disciplines: Short Range Benchrest, Long Range Benchrest, High Power - Across the Course, Palma - Long Range and Fullbore, F-Class, Tactical, High Power Silhouette, Introduction to Hunting, Precision Hunting and Varmint Hunting
•Quick Reference Sheets
•Reloading data including: Cartridge diagrams with all case measurements and a brief written history of each cartridge
•Conversion Tables
•Rifle Barrel Twist Rates
•Note/Pet Load

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